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What is FireRover?

There are plenty of fire prevention services available, but none that combine infrared technology, 24 hour off-site monitoring, and a true Class A&B fire fighting foam that can be released as quickly as a spike in temperature or spark and fire (source). Originally, the FireRover was developed to create a comprehensive proactive security solution for our Scrap Metal & Recycling Security customers. Countless customers had provide positive feedback with regard to our live monitoring systems and how helpful they were at eliminating the threat of theft and arson, but wished that we could also detect fires. We came up with the concept of FireRover to solve a problem many of our Clients face – undetected fires.  As we unveiled the FireRover, we have found that there a number of Industries including but not limited to Scrap, Recycling, Utilities, Industrials where the FireRover’s proactive fire suppression is a key to both safety and protection.

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More info

Inventor: Firerover, Southfield, MI, USA
Website: www.firerover.com
History: Development started in 2003, it’s now on the market

Price (EUR): contact them by phone @ +1-844-41-76837


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